HOLIDAY. CELEBRATE. (more coming soon​!​)

by Stranger Spirits

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    These songs are being released one at a time as an online-only series of holiday songs by the Stranger Spirits.

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A collection of holiday songs.


released December 25, 2010

"The KRAMPUS" featured in cover photo.




Stranger Spirits Carrboro

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Track Name: Merry Xmas Anyway
I heard someone was born today.
So now I want my Christmas presents.
Christmastime in USA.
U...S... eeeeehhhh!

America, we're lucky here.
We wish we could make you lucky.
Are you feeling lucky there
Or are you cold and starving?
If you don't have a holiday
We've got one for everybody.
If you don't have a holiday.
Well, Merry Christmas anyway.

Don't look now cuz here come's Christmas.

Giving is the gift we got.
That's what someone told me.
And sometimes you feel like giving up
When all you got is lonely.
I used to hear reindeer on the roof
And you say I don't have sufficient proof.
Here comes the ghost of Christmas future
To make your heart grow three whole sizes!


My Christmas wish for you this you,
Is that you not be jaded.
It's too easy to point at stuff and say "It's overrated."
So I will buy some stuff for you
And I'll park at the mall for you
So we'll tie trees onto our cars
And on those trees hang stars and colors
Red is for the red, red wine
White is for the stars that shine
Blue is cuz it's just looks right.
So here come the rock for the silent night.

Don't look now, cuz here comes Christmas.

Dong ding dang ding dong ding dang
Dong dang ding dong